The Augusta Futurity

37th Augusta Futurity Wrap Up
Cade Shepard, 14, wins Classic Non-Pro go-round
Canadian cowgirl wins $35,000 Non-Pro Any Age Amateur finals
Georgia-Lina Tough Truck Parade Sunday Jan. 15
Keep up with all the cutting action across the Southeast!



Athena Puddy Cat

Badger Starlight

Bet On Me 498

Blue Duck Okie

Bobs Freckle

Bobs Hickory Rio

Boonsmal Cee Lena

Cats Merada

Cattin It Up

Chilly Stufflebean

Chula Dual

DJ Tracker

Doc O Lena Twist

Dual Jazz

Freckles Fancy Twist

Hes A Peptospoonful


Honky Cat Hickory

Joes Midnight Son

JR Colord Rambo

JRS Missin Gun


Kit Dual


Laredo Blue

Lenas Telesis

Light N Lena

Little Gunolena

Little Hickory Haida

Little Peppys Ultimo

Little Royal Peppy

Lots Of Acres

Meradas Blue Sue

Meradas Money Talks

Mick Be Jagger

Mr Skyline Peppy

Nitas Wood

No Guns In The Bar


Oh Cay Quixote

Pastels Smart Lena

Peeka Pep

Peponitas Acre

Peppy Plays For Cash

Peppys Boy Tari

Pepto Rio Playboy

Pepto Taz


Play Red

Playboy Boonsmal



Playin Stylish


Red Pepto

Red Rey King

Royal Fletch

Santanas Cisco

Seven From Heaven

Show Biz Pep

Sixes Pick

Smart Little Jerry

Smart Mate

Smart Royal Rey

Smart Sugar Badger

Snorty Lena

Soletary Zack

Some Kinda CD

Sophisticated Catt

Sportin High Brow

Spots Hot

SR Instant Choice

Teninas First

That Sly Cat

TR Dual Rey


Widows Freckles

Wild Thing DNA

Woodford Cat (TB)

WR Smart N Hickory

WR This Cats Smart


One Time Pepto

Smart Spurs

Boons Milliennium

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A Greenhorn's Guide to Cutting

What you need to know to get the most out of this year's futurity. We know that some of you don't know a Quarter Horse from a Quarter-Pounder; this guide's for you.

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